Nurse Clinics

Services available from our wonderful nurses

Our qualified nurses have a wealth of experience and are available for general care and advice... 

This service is free of charge unless otherwise stated.

Our nurses provide the following services:

  • Advice on worming, flea and tick treatment*
  • Advice on puppies and kittens**
  • Advice on feeding your animal
  • Weight management
  • Advice on rabbits, guinea pigs and other 'small furries'
  • Microchipping*
  • Nail clipping*
  • Removing sutures
  • Administering treatment e.g. giving tablets, applying eardrops or eye ointment
  • Removing mats*
* There is (or could be) a charge for this service.
** This service is only available after the pet's primary vaccination course is completed.

Weight Watchers Club

Pets can get overweight for several reasons: a health problem, lack of exercise or the wrong diet. Our nurses will recommend a suitable weight reduction programme. This will most likely involve making changes to your pet’s diet and making recommendations about exercise and activity. Making these changes will help prevent your pet from gaining excess body fat and keep them healthy and happy.

The Weight Watchers Club is a free service for our clients.