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We are pleased to be able to put a snapshot of our prices for routine procedures up on the website for your reference.

If you have any queries with regard to further prices or what any of the standard procedures entail, please do not hesitate to call to speak to one of our vets or nurses.

All prices shown below include VAT.

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Please note that out of hours charges are applicable outside of normal opening hours.

Price List


  Standard Price
Consultations                                                          £55.56
Re-examination £49.72
Small Pet Consultations £44.04
Telephone Consultations £43.82
Prescription Review  £49.70



  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Puppy primary vaccines 1st and/or 2nd                   £50.16 each Included 
Dog booster £68.65 Included 
Kennel cough £36.66 Included 
Kennel cough at the time of other vaccine £31.30 Included 
Rabbit Myxo and RHD £69.79 Included 
Kitten primary vaccines 1st and/or 2nd £53.90 Included 
Cat Booster  £68.95 Included 
Cat booster without FELV £58.19 Included 
Dog / Cat Rabies £95.53  


Spay (including anaesthetics)

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Bitch < 25kg                                                                                      £320.00 20% Off 
Bitch > 25kg £390.23 20% Off 
Bitch > 45kg £522.86 20% Off 
Cat  £113.16 20% Off 
Rabbit  £131.80 20% Off 
Small Mammal  £99.02  


Castration (including anaesthetic)

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog <25kg                                                                                       £220.09 20% Off
Dog >25kg £270.10 20% Off
Dog >45kg £322.55 20% Off
Cat £87.86 20% Off
Rabbit  £109.42 20% Off
Ferret £95.74  
Small Mammal  £95.86  


Nail Clipping

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat / Dog                                                                                           £22.01 Free with a nurse*
Small Mammals  £11.00 Free with a nurse*


* Does not include treatment of broken or injured nails 



  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Express Anal Glands                                                                         £24.84 Free with a nurse 
Microchip  £27.61 Included 
Written Prescription  £22.28  
Referral Arranged £36.70  
Insurance Fee £15.88  
Insurance Fee Direct Claim £31.68