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The Woodland Veterinary Centre opened its doors in 1979.
For over 25 years, our vets have been providing professional services to our clients and veterinary medical care to the dogs, cats, ferrets, and other pets that live in Midhurst, Liphook and Haslemere areas.
We provide regular medical care, general surgery, vaccinations, dental care, and preventive medical care for our patients, 6 days a week.


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Remember, remember....preparing you pet for firework season
Created: 23rd October 2014

Many dogs and catsdog-hiding will try to hide when they hear fireworks.
This helps them to cope with their fear. You can help your pet by making sure they have a hiding place where they feel safe.

  • Create a comforting ‘den’. This could be inside a wardrobe or cupboard, or behind a sofa. Pad it with old pillows and blankets to help soundproof it.
  • In the weeks leading up to firework season, let your pet have access to this den at all times and, for dogs in particular, offer healthy treats and praise when your dog uses it, this will build a positive association with this space.
  • A pheromone plug-in placed nearby can also help (available from our reception). These cat-hidingpheromones are calming scents that dogs and cats can smell but we can’t. You must start using it a couple of weeks before 5 November to maximise the benefit. It should be sited in the room in which your pet chooses to rest.
  • Your pet may already have a preferred hiding place. That is fine; they should not be forced out if this is already the place where they feel most relaxed.
  • Ensure dogs and cats are microchipped so that if they escape from the house, scared and confused, there is more chance you will be reunited.
  • If you have concerns about your pet’s phobia you should speak to us for help and guidance. Noise phobias in pets are treatable with the right professional help.


source: PDSA
You can downlad the PDSA  firework leaflet here.


Tick Tock, the Clocks goes Back
Created: 24th October 2014

As the clocks go back Sunday the 26th October, spare aDog-dark thought for the millions of dog owners in the UK, many of whom will now be walking their dogs in the dark before or after work.

The Dog Trust advises:

  1. Keep control of your dog and don't let him off lead unless you are in a safe area which is well lit
  2. Consider wearing high visibility clothing such as jackets, vests or reflective strips on your clothes so you can be easily seen by motorists
  3. A reflective collar and lead or a high visibility coat or flashing collar will also increase your dog's visibility in the dark
  4. Perhaps work out a winter dog walking route which, in urban areas, includes both pavements and street lighting
  5. If there is no pavement, walk against the flow of the traffic and keep your dog on the side farthest from the road
  6. Carry a torch which will help you be seen and also enable to you see to pick up your dog's mess. Or, consider a head torch so your hands are free
  7. Walking in groups can be safer than on your own
  8. If possible, take your dog in the car to a place where you can walk away from the roadside. Many parks and sports fields have lighting but always check that dogs are allowed first
  9. Make sure your dog is well trained and responsive to commands. For tips on training visit www.dogstrust.org.uk

source www.dogtrust.org.uk

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